6-7 October, Murmansk
Second conference on Barents Cultural Initiative Incubator project

October, Murmansk Region, Pechengsky District 
Days of the Cross-border Cooperation

October, Syktyvkar 
International Conference «Native language in modern bilingual environment»

29-30 October, Arkhangelsk
3rd International forum Arctic Projects – Today and Tomorrow

2–3 November, Syktyvkar
The concluding Meeting of the Working Group on Environment under the Russian Chairmanship

2-3 November, Syktyvkar
Meeting of the Working Group on Environment 

10-11 November, Reykjavik, Iceland
Four Sister Councils

12-14 November, Petrozavodsk
VII Youth Economic Forum

16 November, Oslo
Meeting of the working group on environment

16 November, Oslo
Meeting of Joint Working Group on Tourism (JWGT)

22-27 November, Arkhangesk
III International Belomorsky Students Forum

22-29 November, Arkhangelsk
International art festival Barents Bird

24-25 November, Sortavala
Meeting of Ministers of Environment of the BEAC

28-30 November, Arkhangelsk
Young Entrepreneurs Forum

November, Naryan-Mar 
International Research and Practice Oil and Gas Conference «Euro-Arctic»

16-20 November, Murmansk 
International Business week in Murmansk

30 November - 5 December, Moscow
Transport Week - 2015

7-10 December, St.Petersburg
International conference assessing results of international exercise Barents Rescue 2015 and a meeting of the Joint Committee on Agreement between Barents Euro-Arctic Council member-states on cooperation in disaster management

16-17 December, Moscow
CSO Meeting