26-29 January, Tromsø, Norway
Arctic Frontiers

10-11 February, Kirkenes, Norway
Kirkenes Conference

16 February
RC meeting, video conference

21-22 March, Arkhangelsk, Russia
CSO Meeting

31 March-2 April, Naryan-Mar, Russia
I International Tourist Forum «Open Arctic»

1 April, Naryan-Mar, Russia
Conference of Indigenous Peoples of Nenets Autonomous Okrug

30-31 May, Kainuu, Finland
BRC and RC Meeting, Seminar «Barents Connection - Vital Co-Operation in Multiple Fields»

June 14-15, Petrozavodsk, Russia
CSO Meeting

June 14-17, Petrozavodsk, Russia
Initial Planning Conference for International Exercise «Barents Rescue 2017»

June 20-21, Arkhangelsk, Russia
Meeting of Ministers of Transport of the BEAC member states in Arkhangelsk and Meeting of Steering Committee of the Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area

August, Murmansk, Russia
III International Fair and Exhibition of achievements of culture and traditional economy of indigenous peoples of the North «Treasures of the Saami Land»

September, Syktyvkar, Russia
International Finno-Ugric Youth Forum «FUROR»

4-5 October, Syktyvkar, Russia
CSO Meeting

18-19 October, Petrozavodsk, Russia
International Conference on Preserving Life and Health at the Workplace

8 November, Luleå, Sweden
BRC and RC Meeting

9 November, Moscow, Russia
Meeting of Ministers of Culture of the BEAC

14-18 November, Murmansk, Russia
Murmansk International Business week

24-25 November, Naryan-Mar, Russia
II International Scientific and Practical Conference «Arctic Telemedicine»

28 November, Stockholm, Sweden
Four Sister Councils' Meeting

November, Murmansk, Russia
International Festival of the Choreographic Arts «Dances in the Polar Circle»

7-8 December, St.Petersburg, Russia
Main Planning Conference for International Exercise “Barents Rescue 2017”

8 December, Helsinki, Finland
Barents Cooperation Forum

13-14 December, Naryan-Mar, Russia
CSO Meeting