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Culture and tourism

Culture and tourism


  • Enhancement of cultural and creative industries as a tool for dynamic social and economic development of the Barents region

  • Promotion of cultural diversity, exchanges and multicultural dialogue with a view to increase people-to-people contacts. Preserving of cultural and ethno cultural heritage of the Barents region

  • Development of the concept of the Barents identity

  • Elaboration of a format and nominating procedures for the Barents award (scholarship) in culture

  • Establishment of favourable conditions for ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable tourism in the Barents region. Intensifying of cooperation between tourism industries, promotion of the Barents tourism potential at the international market

Key event: Meeting of Ministers of Culture of the BEAC member states in Arkhangelsk (Summer 2016)

Selection of events:

  • International Conference “Native language in modern bilingual environment” (Syktyvkar, October 2015)
  • Barents Music Festival (Saint-Petersburg, Pushkin, April 2016)
  • International Festival of the Choreographic Arts “Dances in the Polar Circle” (Murmansk, November 2016)
  • III International Fair and Exhibition of achievements of culture and traditional economy of indigenous peoples of the North “Treasures of the Saami Land” (Murmansk, August 2016)
  • VII International Festival of Folklore of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region and the regions of Northwestern Federal District (Murmansk Oblast (village Umba, Tersky District), June 2017)
  • International Ecotourist Forum “Yozh” (Syktyvkar, September 2017)