«BEAC has turned into an effective and indispensable mechanism for regional cooperation in its two decades of existence.
We believe that the development of the Barents region should be based on the principles of balance and stability and the highest ecological standards».

The Chairman of the Government
of the Russian Federation
D.A. Medvedev
(Kirkenes, June 4th 2013)



«As a format of regional cooperation in Northern Europe BEAC is a unique organization. In essence, it continuously generates a unifying agenda – at both the municipal and macro-regional level».

Minister of Foreign Affairs
of the Russian Federation
S.V. Lavrov
(Kiruna, October 12th 2011)




«Mutual trust built through the Barents Cooperation can thus serve as a model for others on how neighbouring countries can resolve differences peacefully through dialogue and negotiations, and thus help release the huge potential of the regional and European integration».

Declaration pursuant to the meeting
of the BEAC member states' heads
of governments
(Kirkenes, June 3-4th 2013)



«We are certain that the development of the new Northern transport routes, including the Northern Sea Route, will facilitate investments to the region, help to unlock its full potential, and enhance trade and economic cooperation between the BEAC member states».

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
of the Russian Federation
V.G. Titov
(Tromsø, October 29th 2013)