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Russian chairmanship

For years of its existence the Barents Euro-Arctic Council has developed into an effective intergovernmental cooperation structure covering all important spheres of life.

The main objective of the Russian Chairmanship is to promote sustainable social and economic development of the Barents region, build modern infrastructure, enhance the region's competitiveness and investment attractiveness while making a rational use of its scientific, innovative and resource capabilities, complying with environmental standards and taking into account the interests of the indigenous peoples.

The motto of the Russian chairmanship in the BEAC:

Working together for innovative, smart and sustainable Barents region.

The guiding principles of the Russian chairmanship: «Trust, Transparency, Tradition».


The Russian Chairmanship aims at preserving the Barents region as a unique area of trust and stability based on the principles of good neighbourhood, mutually beneficial partnership, indivisible and inclusive security.


Russia considers openness and striving for cooperation as well as transparency of project activities as necessary preconditions for success of the BEAC.


The Russian Chairmanship aims at effective continuity of the Council's activities, preservation of cooperation traditions, further development of multilateral cooperation for the benefit of the Barents region's population, including indigenous peoples.