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  • Continuation of the work started during the Norwegian and Finnish Chairmanships on the draft Joint Barents Transport Plan, aimed at building an effecient transport infrastructure and transport connections in Northern Europe, formed according to the needs of the region's peoples, transport operators and industries\local economy, with climate and geographical features taken into account.

  • Improvement of transport safety, implementation of global satellite navigation systems of emergency response in case of accidents on the emerging international motor routes of the Barents region, including Russian national automatic accident emergency response system "ERA-GLONASS", drafting proposals for its possible connection with the eCall System.

  • Professional training for the transport industry in the Arctic region, including shipping.

  • Strengthening of interaction between the BEAC working bodies, responsible for transport and tourism.

Key event: Meeting of Ministers of Transport of the BEAC member states in Arkhangelsk and Meeting of Steering Committee of the Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area (BEATA) (Arkhangelsk, June 2016)

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